Saturday, June 18, 2011

33 born

I need to witness something amazing that isn't involved within this self-involved bubble that has become  just the right photo of an individuals new hair-cut, new shirt, new favorite band, new weekend love, new internet friend, new joke, new city that they think is happening, new perspective, new art, new ideas, new excuses, old excuses, It's all so boring. I never thought I would reach this age and feel so betrayed by everything that has become "the alternative DIY lifestyle". I'm calling this the "Pack your shit and Go Generation." And after your are gone we will still be here forging the foundation for living in a better way. A better sound, Better art, A better cause, A better Love for this world, Better Friendships, Stronger Friendships, Better relationships built from hard work and a selfless honor. Check that into your new location and update my middle finger into your entire generation. Or you could prove me wrong and if you do I will buy all of you an ice cream cone and a gold plated pony. Do work!!!!!!